The Site's Temporary Home Page

This is the RadhaKrishnaSeva site's temporary home page with incomplete summary information about the state of the RKSeva site. This is a "temporary" web page because for months, really for several years, what I call privately the RKSeva site has been a site under re-construction... "in slow motion".

You got this "temporary" web page because I, Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward, am not yet done upgrading the RadhaKrishnaSeva site, or "RKSeva" site, yet.  But also my "site upgrading" of RKSeva has been very low priority compared to the work I have been performing as my highest priority work for several years: creating useful progressive Green Party BETA sites for Green Parties in the USA. See and the Seva Site Types -> Test Sites web pages on the SEVA site for some summary details about some of those Green Party BETA sites.

The reasons for my delay in finishing the upgrade of RKSeva require too many technical details and some serious personal health issues to talk about or write about here.  Also as a long time "spiritual feminist" and initiated devotee I still find it difficult to explain "spiritual feminist" issues to "old school" western ISKCON-trained devotees who in my opinion are conditioned to interpret scriptures and the portrayal of our Radha and Krishna deities using decades old problematic patriarchal stereotypes; i.e. they seem to me to be too easily offended by unorthodox points of view I might have and present that are not expressed in "more appealing ways" traditional ways that conform to their more orthodox points of view.  

So it is probably better if you, the more progressively inclined and more ardent feminist devotee visitor to RKSeva, just revisit this site every few months to see if I got the upgrading work on the RKSeva site done and its done with "better" and more palatable spiritually feminist content too.

However if you must see what I was working on before the "upgrade began" and what the Joomla CMS "core developers" made so damnably difficult for so many years to do, please see the previous "Joomla CMS major version" site with all of the "old and dated content" on it: RKSeva-j25.   Then see also the future LIVE site, currently what I call a "stub" site with very little old or new site content on it, but which "looks better" and is a site that will  be using the latest Joomla CMS major version, Joomla 3, until end of 2021, and the most-minor version of "J3" namely Joomla 3.10.x site: RKSeva-J3x

Thank you for your patience.  But if you want me to "hurry up" with the upgrading work, EMAIL me your concerns.  If I agree, I will update this temporary web page for RKSeva and add an estimated date of completion of those upgrades. 

Jai Radhe!